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Dr. Fuhrman is a board–certified family physician, best-selling author and nutritional researcher who is an expert in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods. Eat For Health is a medical breakthrough because without this fascinating information you are destined to struggle with dieting forever, compelled to consume excess calories, and unable to comfortably and permanently maintain your ideal weight. 
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Save Our Bones is a website owned and managed by Vivian Goldschmidt.  Through this website, Vivian sells The save Our Bones Program, a complete osteopenia and osteoporosis system that she created.  The objective of this program is to help those with osteoporosis to regain their bone health naturally.  It is a drug-free, way that helps to reverse and prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis and stops the unnecessary harm of using some of the dangerous osteoporosis treatments. The progra...
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The company Biogetica represents the coming together of Doctors, Healers and Scientists from numerous traditions including Allopathy, Bio-Energetics, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Yogic Sciences, and Quantum Physics. Their mission is to provide incorporated natural solutions that lead you to ease and freedom. Their products reflect an understanding of both the molecular and vibrational nature of life. Their kits contain highest quality remedies from across the globe in one easy to use ...
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Controlyourhealth is the most popular website in the US for the people who are very serious about their health. It is a network marketing companies specializing in natural products as well as medical products also. Controlyourhealth offers a systematic approach to physical improvement and financial well-being. The company is doctor-developed and research backed health regimen created with natural products. They have also a reputation for providing medical equipments which are essential for huma...
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Express Scripts is based in North America operating as “PBM” or what it is called a pharmacy benefit management and “SAAS” or Specialty and Ancillary Services. The services under PBM includes; compliance and therapy management, retail network pharmacy management, benefit design consultation, drug formulary management programs, home delivery pharmacy services, and drug utilization review.  The company is very committed in providing safe and affordable pharmaceuticals...
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SmithMD is a US based company that deals in health care products.  The main products that this company deals in are tinnitus relief solutions.  Tinnitus is a condition that causes constant pain, buzzing and ringing in the ears.  If the problem is persistent, it could lead to stress, inability to work, sleep or concentrate.  It could also be accompanied by other symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness and fullness in the ear. This condition can thus affect the health and ...
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Bel Marra Nutritionals offer high-quality vitamins and nutritional supplements designed to address a wide variety of specific health concerns. Bel Marra Nutritionals has a panel of doctors to lend their expert advise and provide you with well-researched information and health news. They offer the following products: Cholesterol Freedom CoQ10 Premium Plus Clinical Ageless Complex Clinical Ageless Serum Daily ORAC Power Heart Rescue Healthy Prostate Healthy Colon Immune Strong Joint Pai...
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Building weather instruments is a great teaching aid for elementary school children. Making the weather instruments and having the students design their own forecasts can be a fun activity for the entire classroom. The materials needed to make simple elementary school weather instruments can be found around the house and in local craft stores.
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This is a quickie project for Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, or any other holiday that it is appropriate to make a gift for. Coffee filter flowers are super easy for any child and can be a lot of fun and more creative than you might think, with color choices, glitter and any fun pipe cleaners.
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Getting outside in our busy, urban life can be hard enough for adults but it can be even harder for little ones who need to rely on adults to take them. Aside from added health benefits from a little sun and fresh air, preschoolers can learn a lot outside in the garden. Getting ready for the garden and using seeds in the classroom can make the final experience of planting all the more enjoyable, exciting and enriching.
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There are many ways to find affordable homeschool curriculum. Parents can find low-cost or even free homeschool curriculum if they know where to look. There are also many methods of teaching that can lower your cost of books, including using a hands-on approach, utilizing living books at the library or using a unit study.
Published by Taylor Rios 65 months ago in Homeschooling | +7 votes | 5 comments
This lesson plan is suitable for kindergarten, preschool or first and second grade. It includes nutrition, the My Plate version of the My Food Pyramid, physical activity, reading, math charting, cooking, and lots of other stuff that can go along with the excellent book and ancient tale, 'Stone Soup', by Ann McGovern.
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Does homeschooling protect children from bullies? What is a disadvantage of homeschooling? Why do parents home school their kids? What are some of the cons of homeschooling a child who was being bullied in school? What problems do home schooled children have later in life? What parents need to know about homeschooling.
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Homeschool parents and public school teachers alike must strike a balance between word recognition and reading fluency.
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This is an article that talks about some different games parents can play with their kids to help them study.
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